2022 Projects and Themes

After nearly 2 years of being confined to our homes, I wanted to find a way to brush up my social skills and reconnect with my friends. I have found that when I am crafting I don’t get nearly as self-conscious so I have started hosting crafting workshops in-person at my house when it has been safe enough to do so. I thought I would share my ideas for the coming year. This is my tentative schedule and is subject to change, but I feel like it is a pretty good place to start. Feel free to join our Facebook group to interact and stay up to date on events (both virtual and in-person).

As we hold each workshop, I will add details and resources for each craft, including links to tutorials, shopping lists, etc…

January – Organization

Since January is “Get Organized” month, we met virtually on January 7th and discussed our organizing challenges. I have used custom labels to try and bring sanity and organization to my house. I find that if I take the time to label things, I am more likely to get rid of clutter, and once it is labeled everyone in my house can find it and even put it away.

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February – Inspiring Jewelry

Valentine’s Day seems to always take over the month of February, so I thought it would be fun to make ourselves jewelry that makes us feel better about ourselves. Using common household items, like metal washers, with some letter stamps to make a one-of-a-kind item that empowers and encourages us.

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March – Crochet

I learned to crochet when I was 5 years old, and it was a big part of my life. It has been my meditation through the years, and I love being able to make everything from stuffed animals and dishcloths, blankets to ornate lace dresses. Join me as we learn the basics.

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April – Sewing

It is good to know how to sew, even if just to sew on a button or hem a pair of pants. We will start with the basics of hand sewing, and branch into machine sewing projects as well.

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May – Macrame

Macramé was very popular back in the 1970’s, but it is making a resurgence today. Macramé is great for making a plant hanger, and can also be used to make textural wall art as well. The basic concepts are really simple. If you can make a square knot, you can do macramé.

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June – Self-Care Science

We will experiment with the science of self-care items… making our own bath bombs, lip gloss, etc… Especially if you have kids at home all summer, you will be looking for some way to pamper yourself. I have sensitive skin, so I really like being able to experiment with different ingredients to find what works for me.

July – Summer Camp

We will take on some camp crafts like tie-dye, rock painting, slime, and maybe even ice cream in a bag. I put together a mini summer camp for my youngest during quarantine, and found that I really enjoyed it too, so I thought it would be fun to share here because we are never too old for camp. Here is a link to some of the projects we did.

August – Knitting

As we start thinking about fall weather, we start thinking about hats, scarves, and warm socks.

I have started a Pinterest Board with Knitting ideas to inspire us:…/social-crafting-yarn…/knit/

September – Cosplay/Costuming

As Halloween quickly approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss simple and elaborate ways to make costumes. What is the difference between a costume and cosplay? What are some creative materials to use?

October – Fall Decor

When the leaves start to change and fall, thoughts of carving pumpkins and making holiday wreaths come to mind. Let us get together and share what makes the fall special to us.

November – Gingerbread Houses

Over the years I have attended or hosted several gingerbread house parties. I always find it so interesting how different folks can start with the same basic house kit and end up with something very unique.

December – Holiday Gifts

I love making holiday gifts. These potholders are one of my favorites. I use my Cricut Maker to cut iron-on vinyl to make them very personalized, then I stuff them with fun stuff… cookie mixes and spatulas or whisks, mug cakes and candy canes. It is fun to make something that you can’t really buy.