Jewelry is given and received as gifts, but it doesn’t always speak to our hearts, or say the things we need to hear. I find that I sometimes need something to remind me that I believe in myself. Sometimes this is just a word, or it could be a favorite quote. We can place this word or quote on a keychain, necklace, bracelet… or any number of different surfaces. I find it best to make it something that you wear or use often to have the most affect.

What would you say to yourself if you were your best friend? Would you treat your friends like you treat yourself?

If you have trouble finding your word or quote, search the internet for “Inspirational Jewelry” to get ideas, or you can read something positive or inspiring like this:

6 Simple Ways to Love Yourself Again

Keep in mind that making it yourself may not be your most affordable option, however it might mean more if you do. Unless you really want to make multiple items, or you can borrow the letter stamps from someone, this can be a costly project. If you live in the Seattle area, feel free to contact me to arrange a time to use my set. Do not feel guilty just buying it if you find the perfect item, especially if it is cheaper than the supplies to make it yourself.

If you are lucky enough to have a Cricut Maker, check out Jennifer Maker’s tutorial on Engraving!

Otherwise, you can find a good quality, affordable, letter stamping kits like this one from ImpressArt

Here are a couple of fun projects from ImpressArt to try, with tutorials and supply lists:

Stamped Keychain

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Stamped Necklace

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Stamped Bracelet

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Tiered Necklace

Tutorial & Supplies

Tie a Sliding Knot