Macramé was very popular back in the 1970’s, but it is making a resurgence today. Macramé is great for making a plant hanger, and can also be used to make textural wall art as well. The basic concepts are really simple. If you can make a square knot, you can do macramé.


I remember learning Macramé back in Jr High. I had a few favorite patterns that I am still trying to find. One was a bird-cage planter similar to this one:

There are lots of really easy tutorials out there. Most macramé can be done with just a simple square knot (or minor variations).


At a minimum, macrame only requires some type of yarn or rope. You can use other items like wood or metal rings, beads, etc… to add interest and detail, but it is not necessary.

  • Rope or Yarn. The type of yarn or rope you choose will determine the size of your project.
  • Wood or Metal Rings (optional)
  • Dowel rods (can be used to make wall art)
  • Beads (these can be wood, ceramic, or polymer clay, just make sure your rope/yarn will fit through the hole)

You can find nice starter kits online, or visit your local craft store, but honestly all you really need is some type of yarn, rope, or even paracord. Paracord bracelets are really just macramé!

I think my favorite discovery while compiling these ideas, was stumbling on this tiny planter pattern. Isn’t this adorable! I have seen other videos where they use a fake plant and turn it into an air-freshener using essential oils to hang from the mirror in your car.

Here is my Macramé Pinterest board with other ideas that I want to try.

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